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Instrumentation & Monitoring Services

Sufficient instrumentation and monitoring are vital for the execution of projects in close proximity to others or hazardous features. Not only does our monitoring and instrumentation equipment enable clients to keep a close eye on the safety of existing facilities and structures, but they provide a minute by minute read on current impact. In many cases we utilize equipment that can alert contractors in real time. 


CMTL monitors ensure the safety of existing structures and limit the liability owners and contractors have in the event of sustained damage. 

Our Services
  • Vibration Monitoring

  • Settlement Monitoring through Survey or Automated Total Stations

  • Tilt Monitoring

  • Deformation Monitoring

  • Inclinometer Monitoring

  • Stress Monitoring

  • Real-time Groundwater Monitoring

  • Monitoring System Design and Integration

  • Web-Based Remote Monitoring System Development

  • Remote Video Surveillance

  • Pre- and Post- Construction Documentation

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