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We offer several services to better serve you

Construction Materials Testing Services

Our lab is licensed as an approved Concrete Testing Laboratory accredited by NVLAP (lab code #200616-0) and AASHTO for the testing of concrete, aggregate, soil, asphalt, masonry, and fire resistive materials. CMTL maintains a full complement of calibrated/ validated laboratory equipment for these tests.

Special Inspection Services

CMTL is a Special Inspection Agency for all special inspection categories. Our Inspection and Testing Services are accredited and upheld by all sub consultants as well. 

Geotechnical Services

We value the ground as much as the structure it supports and understand that subsurface work is often the most complex, and major part of any above-ground structure. Our Geotechnical Services include subsurface exploration, analyses, groundwater assessment, and landfill exploration which bear utmost significance before the beginning of a construction project.

Instrumentation & Monitoring Services

Sufficient Instrumentation and monitoring are vital for the execution of projects in close proximity to others or hazardous features. Our monitors ensure the safety of existing structures and limit the liability owners and contractors have in the event of sustained damage. 

Noise & Air Monitoring Services

Noise and air control is essential to maintaining quality of life for the public. We can ensure your project is within local limits utilizing our specialized equipment. Converting data obtained into manageable reporting allows for contractions and owners to be better protected and prepared.

Construction Management Support Services

Our Non-Destructive Testing Technicians can perform various tests such as liquid penetrant, ultrasonic steel tests, windsor probe, schmidt hammer, pull tests, and concrete coring. While our support staff can provide surveys, constructability analysis, budget estimations, project condition evaluations and construction schedules. 

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