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Construction Management Support Services

We are one of the few special inspection agencies that maintains a full staff of Non-Destructive Testing Technicians. We perform magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, and ultrasonic steel tests, GPR scanning, windsor probe, schmidt hammer, pull tests, and concrete coring. We also offer a variety of lab tests.


Our experienced staff can provide surveys, constructability analysis, budget estimations, project condition evaluations and construction schedules. Through our comprehensive methods we quickly resolve potential issues and assess budgetary and technical options before moving forward.

Our Services
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • Magnetic Particle (MP)

  • Liquid Penetrant (PT)

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

  • Safety Consulting

  • Quality Management

  • Pre-construction documentation

  • Post construction documentation

  • Commissioning reports

  • Concrete Coring

  • Asphalt Coring

  • GPR Testing

  • Windsor Probe

  • Core Drilling

  • Chloride Ion Test

  • Smith Hammer Test

  • Freeze-Thaw Inspection

  • Co-Efficient of Friction

  • Floor Flatness Test

  • Soil Bearing Capacity (Dynamic Cone Penetrometer)

  • Pull Test

  • Shrinkage Test

  • Soil Infiltration Test

  • Soil Percolation Test

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test on Mechanical Closure Device

  • Marine Door and Flood Door Water Test

  • Tile Pull Test

  • Environmental Lab Tests

  • Mechanical

  • Fire Proofing

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